Hello World!!

As an adult, I was diagnosed with ADD, which is a form of ADHD (but not all people have the H or Hyperactive part). There are actually four types of ADHD: inattentive, impulsive, hyperactive, and combined.  I’m combined, but have more inattentive and impulsivity than I do of hyperactivity.

There are some very successful, brilliant people who have ADHD. I commend them for their hard word and determination more so than many other successful persons because I understand how much harder they have to work to simply keep their thoughts together. To be clear, all successful people deserve to be recognized for their success. But people with ADHD struggle so much more to simply focus their thoughts not to mention struggles with time management, organization, forgetfulness, and so much more.

I’m writing this blog to share my own story to make others aware of some of the difficulties, to help those with loved ones to have a better understanding into our minds, and to encourage others with ADHD to keep trying!!


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